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Telemedicine in the context of the National Broadband Network 

Leif Hanlen, Phil Robertson 

This report by National ICT Australia (NICTA) analyses the potential benefits for telemedicine in Australia in the context of the National Broadband Network (NBN). The report is based upon a literature review of national and international case studies, supplemented by two workshops involving industry and academia to discuss telemedicine issues in the context of the NBN. The report notes that various localised programs, both in Australia and overseas, have demonstrated the efficiency and effectiveness of e-health initiatives. Importantly, the report identifies the significant scope for the NBN to catalyse transformative change in the delivery of telemedicine by expanding these local achievements across Australia. The report also emphasises the need for there to be mechanisms to share the information generated by any such trials to aid the progressive national implementation of telemedicine related activities. To achieve this, the report has recommended that e-Health and telemedicine initiatives associated with the NBN develop coordinated testing of technologies and administrative practices.

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Telehealth Infrastructure Services

Leif Hanlen, Michelle Carden 

The National Telehealth Infrastructure Service is an inclusive standards-based interoperable service that provides a platform for clinical grade videoconferencing and telehealth by providing agreed service levels, including usability; guaranteed common quality standards; secure network interconnections; from anyone-to-anyone and anyone-to-everyone across multiple health networks, including public and private health provider networks and with providers and patients both on- and off- net. The service will be intuitive (easy to use), scalable and connect urban, outer metropolitan, rural, regional and remote health providers and patients. The service will leverage and align appropriate existing and emerging national services including governance models, existing secure dependable services, national privacy standards, clinical protocols and current jurisdictional capabilities. Robust governance and operational models that support innovation, continual improvement and flexibility will underpin the service and position the service to be sustainable into the future. The service will support patient centric approaches and best-practice clinical care, allowing increased access and equity and improved health outcomes.

The purpose of this study was to facilitate and scope an initial project and a call for proposals to deliver a common service that allows clinicians to securely and easily connect using online videoconferencing and desktop sharing.

This report was commissioned by the Northern Territory Department of Health

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Literature reviews 


eHealth and regional integration of primary & referral based care for patients with chronic disease: An overview of the core peer-reviewed literature 2009-2013

Qingqing Liu, Hannah Black, Paul Dugdale 

As the leading causes of death shift to long-lasting non-communicable diseases, how to effectively integrate health resources through technology to provide tailored care is becoming a hot topic. We present an overview of the core peer review literature 2009-2013 on e-Health and regional integration of primary & referral based care for patients with chronic disease.

The aim is to give a general view of the current study on the intersecting fields of integrated care, e-Health, and chronic disease. Core journals in one database (PubMed) and one additional journal (International Journal of Integrated care) were searched for English journal articles published between Jan 2009 and Dec 2013, focusing on adult patients with any condition except for AIDS, mental illness or addiction, or the articles about midwifery (focusing on chronic conditions pose a significant burden in terms of morbidity, mortality and health care costs). We identified 189 articles. These were sorted into 5 topics: defining integrated care; methods and tools, evaluation and quality; contextual, governmental, and managerial requirements for integrated care; case studies and experiences; and identified issues and future directions. The current paper includes a bibliographic essay for each of these topics.

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