The Lab Process

The Lab Process

Co-design, co-develop, co-deploy

At the heart of The Lab philosophy is user-driven design. We enact this through co-developing, co-designing and co-deploying projects in partnership with end users.


Laboratory projects are designed in collaboration with end users, including clinical partners, health consumer representation, healthcare students (next generation workforce) as well as ICT researchers and developers. This collaborative effort ensures that all aspects of the project have been considered from all angles.


Projects in The Lab run in collaboration with end users and developers. Each project is managed locally and reports to a clinical governance committee to support adoption of the successful project. 


As part of the initial design and development of each project, deployment plans are implemented to include the teaching clinic, GP Super clinic and wider ACT Health innovative precinct. As part of the mid-term milestones of each project, partners support broader adoption beyond the “initial testing” or “pilot” program.