The Team

The Team

Dr Leif Hanlen, Technology Director 

Dr. Leif Hanlen is Technology Director at NICTA, Australia's largest ICT research centre. Leif is also an adjunct Associate Professor of ICT at the Australian National University and an adjunct Professor of Health at the University of Canberra. He received a BEng (Hons I) in electrical engineering, BSc (Comp Sci) and PhD (telecomm) from the University of Newcastle Australia. His research focuses on the application of machine learning for sports performance monitoring and clinical records. 

Leif has a background in machine learning for (e)health applications, telecommunications for body-area-networks and has over 90 publications in these fields. Leif’s role is focussed on matching interesting problems with interesting people. Prior to this role, Leif has been variously employed as Director of Health at NICTA, a high-voltage electric power engineer, lecturer in computer science and researcher in wireless radio systems.

Telitha Schroedl, Living Laboratory Coordinator 

Telitha Schroedl is the coordinator of the ehealth living laboratory 'The Lab' within NICTA, Australia's largest ICT research centre. Telitha has a BA from the Australia National University and was the recipient of the Anthony Forge academic prize for Anthropology in 2010. Her knowledge of anthropolgy, psychology and gender studies gives Telitha a unique perspective on community social issues. With a passion for eHealth, Telitha is excited to help revolutionise healthcare and create an awareness of the advantages of technology in health through The Lab.

Telitha has previously worked as business team coodinator for ehealth at NICTA, as well as executive assistant to the NICTA Canberra Research Lab director. Prior to her time at NICTA, Telitha worked for organisations such as the ANU and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.